Round one update

Playoff hockey folks…

Last year’s first round was a boring joke. This year, it’s been insane.

Out East:

You got the Bolts falling behind 2-0 to CBJ (Kucherov gets a nice lil suspy too).

Leafs fans thinking Debrusk is some goon, while Kadri proves to be a scum for the second straight year. Bs and Laafs ties 1-1.

Brooks Orpik scores an OT winner? Caps up 2-0 over Carolina which is no surprise.

And the Coli was rocking while the Isles gritted out two home wins over Crosby and the Pens.

In the West:

The C of Red is bananalands 101. Flames are a WAGON. But the Avs are clutch in OT and we have a 1-1 series.

Give Binnington the Calder already. The kid has the Blues up 2-rip on the Jets.

Nashville and Dallas is a weird ass entertaining sleeper series if that even makes any sense. It’s tied 1-1.

San Jose and Vegas could be the best series of the 2019. This is a true heavy weight tilt and who ever wins this series may just win the cup. 1-1 VGK & Sharks.

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