Round one update: PART 2

The wild ride of playoffs continues.

Let’s start in Winnipeg, where the Jets choke late to give the Blue a 3-2 series lead heading home for Game 6.

Martin Jones pulled a horseshoe out of his ass in Game 5 to steal one for the Sharks. Vegas still leads 3-2 in the series though.

Stick a fork in Nashville, they’re (probably) gone soon. Tied 2-2 with Dallas.

Calgary doesn’t deserve to get out of this series against Colorado. Mike Smith is the only reason they’re even getting to OT.

Jackets and Isles are sippin soda waiting for round 2 to start.

Washington better pull up their socks if they want to get out of the first round. Canes and Caps are tied 2-2.

Boston and Toronto is a great series, but the nonsense is overshadowing the hockey. Whatever goalie makes the last save will win this one. Game 5 tonight in Beantown.

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